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Leadership in Action: Call to Action

leadership blog Mar 23, 2021

Leadership in Action: Call to Action

Prepared by Ryan Warren

It’s tangible. For leaders, that new opportunity, new venture, the new solution might as well be things we can taste and feel. Breakthrough so close you can smell it. It’s as though an invitation to explore new territory hits your inbox and you know, deep down, that it’s “go time.”

You put on your executive pioneering outfit complete with your explorer attitude, and so the adventure begins. As this mindset continues to develop and spread and strengthen your leadership, there are questions that await your response:

"Is exploring new territory, new relationships, new markets a solo act? Or, is claiming that new uncharted space a process that is better done together?"

If you are familiar with the Canadian entertainment company Cirque du Soleil (translated French: Circus of the Sun), then you are aware of their brilliant ability to take what is dreamed and conceptualize it on stage. Their beginnings compared to now are nothing short of remarkable. In 1984, the company held 73 employees all contributing to one single show. Decades later, there are more than 20 shows around the world, on five continents, and have grown to over 4,000 employees.

 The diversity and togetherness deserve a more examined look, even in brevity. Of those 4,000 employees, there are 40+ nationalities and 25 different languages spoken. (Check out https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/ for additional company info!)

How do these shows happen? Sure, viewers of their performances are taken to at times extreme acrobatic feats, maneuvers, and styles. Yes, the colors, sounds, and expressions are captivating. What is often overlooked in pioneering and being brave in our creativity are the beginnings.

When Cirque du Soleil holds auditions, they refer to it as “treasure hunting” because admittedly, they never know what talent will drop by and share their gifting. And herein we rediscover the undeniable truth about the talent that makes up our teams. Shapes, sizes, height, backgrounds, interests, personalities, motivations - our best teams share a collective wonder about them.

You can watch an inspirational video about Cirque du Soleil’s collaborative process here: 


 When is the last time you “held auditions” for a partnership role in your new leadership adventure? Leadership can be isolating, bringing along with it moments of even feeling misunderstood.

 Aren’t we, as leaders, separated enough for being brave enough to lead? Could it be time for a new partnership within your company or organization to be celebrated? Are there new maneuvers, strategic acrobatics, and market discoveries that could only be possible with changing your sails to catch that all-powerful collaborative breeze?

 What are some ways you are entering into NEW relationships and partnerships during this time? We’d love to hear ways you are reaching out to your team and pulling people into the conversations you’re having. If you're interested in some new ways to support, encourage, and provide growth opportunities for your team, The Winning Network would welcome an opportunity to help see to it that you accomplish your goals. 

Comment below or email and we can get the conversation going! Here’s to Winning together!


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