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At The Winning Network, “Winning” is not about reaching the desired state of being or result, instead we establish a continued process of personal improvement and growth in which there is never an end state of success. however, a continued state of fulfillment throughout the iterative process of constant growth. Those who merely desire to wage the war of goal setting, defeat the objective, and raise their personal banner of “Mission Accomplished” will find no satisfaction, nor fulfillment in the grassroots of The Winning Network. Victory is not found in a result, but instead, in the process. ​

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Mastermind Group Coaching

If there’s Power in Partnership, our Group Coaching option is the energetic group environment where you can learn along with other like minded people along with one of our qualified leaders. 

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Personalized Individual Coaching

We believe that the breakthrough you’re looking for is not only possible, it’s also available and accessible within the right relationship.

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Executive Business Coaching

Our team is composed of experienced leaders across various industries who can not only supply ideas, but specific step by step actions to see your innovation become a reality.

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Our Coaches

Kinsley Jordan

 Founder of The Winning Network, proud husband and father, Air Force Instructor Pilot, and Innovation Consultant, Podcaster, and a Worship Pastor. 

Allison Jackson

Allison offers one to one judgment-free coaching for overwhelmed Professionals. We are constantly bombarded with information, heavy workloads, ever-changing priorities, and constantly evolving technology. She takes a personally tailored approach to help her clients acquire the skills and routines necessary to reap the rewards of a renewed control over their workday and seeing their business & personal life elevate.

Sam Henderson

Business transformation coach, former celebrity financial expert, TV host, 3x best selling author and 8-figure exit. He helps ambitious entrepreneurs conquer mediocrity to grow a 7-figure business with heart and soul. 

Lynn Fletcher

Lynn specializes in personal branding of female owned businesses. 20+ years owning and growing her own companies into leading brands across the world, she lost 90% of her 2020 revenue due to the pandemic.  Forced to love herself and others through the noise and all the loss, she became that leader again with a renewed strength to coach others into finding their sparkle and embracing their perfectly imperfect selves.

Brittany May

Brittany is a digital strategist and business coach. After running her first 7-figure business the wrong way (working around the clock) she became obsessed with all things systems, automation, evergreen and funnels. She loves helping entrepreneurs and business owners create smarter systems and processes that allow them to scale without sacrificing their quality family time.






Brittany Juliano

Brittany believes in the importance of incremental improvement in your life and how intentionally building Healthy Habits can completely change your probability of success!

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