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Leadership in Action: Outlook

leadership blog Apr 27, 2021

Leadership in Action: Outlook

Written by Ryan Warren | Instagram: @ryanwarren
Greater Than A Cliche
“The best is yet to come!”
It’s not just a line I say often, I choose to truly believe that. It really is. The best is coming. The solution to the temporary challenge, the resources, the newfound friend, the opportunity - the best is yet to come.
It’s greater than cliche. It’s foundational for progressive and authentic leadership.
No, I don’t avoid problems, and I certainly don’t pretend that uncomfortable things aren’t happening.
It’s a choice, really. It’s a choice that you, as a leader, can make as well. You can choose to attach yourself to the long-standing, long-lasting, proven declaration that the best is truly yet to come.
It’s not a cliche for us as leaders to only use here and there. It’s a determined commitment, a partnership, a resolution that no matter the circumstance, the best is ahead.
How We As Leaders Can Model This
We can choose to communicate that the best is yet to come. How can we do just that? As simple as I’ve come to understand it for myself, we communicate this belief that the best is coming in two ways: how we talk and how we act.
What we say and what we do communicates our message.
No lip service only.
No wait and see approach.
Our leadership in action moments are grounded in the truthfulness of what comes out of our mouths and through our actions.
As we do this more and more with greater consistency, what we can find is that the best is yet to come vision is far for stable and actual than it often gets credit for.
Greater Potential Impact
Baseball teams I played on growing up and into college - there were many that we won more games than we lost.
Regardless of the record, can I share with you the teams I most enjoyed being a part of? The “We will win the next one” teams.
The best is yet to come. The next victory. The next achievement. The next progression. The next breakthrough. The teams that seemed to hunger for the best being in front of them were always my favorite. The optimism was unshakable. The outlook established.
Does this describe the groups you’re a part of? From hobby/special interest to professional projects to HOAs and PTAs, from cabinets to advisory boards, friendship communities to the family circle - as far as it goes with us, are we setting a tone that the best is yet to come?
Each of us as leaders can choose to do this.
A Parting Thought
Are you a leader that exemplifies that the best is yet to come? What words and actions are you choosing that reinforce your personal commitment to a better is happening now intention?
It could be that you’ve had someone you admire model for you what inspired leadership looks like. How do you show them thanks and appreciate him?
It could also be that you have been without a model for how to display this choice in your own life. If so, feel free to email me, [email protected] and we can set up a time for a conversation so I can better understand how you’d like to apply a best is yet to come vision for your own leadership. I’m rooting for you. Because, and it’s worth repeating, The best is yet to come!

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