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Leadership in Action: Together

leadership blog Mar 29, 2021

Leadership in Action: Together

Prepared by Ryan Warren @ryanwarren


Eight letters that, together, create one powerful word.

People meet together. They talk together. They travel together. They work to solve problems together. They live together. People are endlessly invited into the experience of togetherness.

Over 7,500,000,000 people on the planet and you are in relationships with a select number of them. And yet, as human beings across the globe, we are all in a very real sense, together.

Why Togetherness Matters for Leaders

As leaders, we truly are better - together. Perhaps, as time goes on, genuinely making heart-to-heart connections with others is only increasing in difficulty. Even with the broad range of electronic tools, apps, and screen-related avenues to “talk” with people, connecting can elude us.

This is a reality, but it’s not one we as leaders should accept as a mandate to be fearful of innovational challenges and lessen the value of moments shared with OUR people. 

Take a moment and ask yourself: Who in my life am I thankful for? Who has taken the time to intentionally have those heart-to-heart conversations with me? 

How A Together Mindset Improves The World

I’d like to propose that the word firmly holding those influential times in your own history is the word: together.

The word is filled with meaning and inspiration. It makes all the difference between a group of individuals plotting their own course and a unified team.

The word symbolizes the culmination of actions individuals can take and fits them piece by piece into collective power.

This powerful expression describes how individuals can collaborate to achieve extraordinary results - together.

Leadership is about togetherness. It’s about creating as one, adventuring uncharted waters as one, learning as one, transforming as one, working as one, innovating as one, operating as one, and managing as one.

What’s possible for a leader that intentionally chooses togetherness?

What would your influence as a leader look like on a daily basis if you began intentionally using the word ‘together’ more? Can you envision the response from those that are trusting you to tell them the truth, not only with your words but also with your actions?

Is it possible that during this time, you have the opportunity to re-evaluate the strength of togetherness in your family, your community and in your workplace? 

Could a fresh vision for your connections shift from an antiquated “I command and control you” model to an empowering, supportive and successful “we are agile and adaptable” one?

How can you seize this opportunity you are being entrusted with right now in your life to make the most of leading together? What are your ideas on how you are bringing people closer together and how togetherness plays a role in your leadership. 


Have an idea or thought to share? I’d love to hear from you [email protected]



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