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Winning is a Journey

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2021

Are You Waiting for an Invitation?

There’s a popular phrase that says, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” Winning operates within the same framework. Can the journey of Winning be looked at the same way?

Championships are not handed out to the best teams on paper. The games must be played.

Contracts are not automatically handed over to the companies with the biggest portfolio. The value propositions must be considered.

Oscars are not awarded based solely on if you’ve won one before, or even been nominated. The scripts must be written, the shots must be filmed, the hours put in, the film edited… the movie watched, reviewed and reviewed again.

Every journey has a beginning and those beginnings initiate with an invitation - a pull to take the first step and then continue that journey when times are great with celebration coming easily and the stages where challenges arise and you make the choice to continue and press on.

This is the heartbeat inside the courageous chest of Winning. If Winning has a pulse, you can feel it in the pounding footsteps within your own journey.


Every person can move from waiting to begin to taking that first step.

Every person can take the next step when we feel stalled or stuck.


Both of those take place when we stop waiting for an invitation to journey forward.

So Where Do We Begin?

We’ve all been there. There comes a time when our plan won’t be further clarified with one more meeting or reading one more book. There is no better time to begin than right now. There is no better person to be passionate about what you are than you. There is not blanket instruction booklet for Winning, even if there was one, you don’t need it. If you think about it, really think about it, the issue we commonly face isn't about making a decision. It’s about indecision. Inaction.

The reality is that you have the ability and ideas to show other people the ways where the complicated and the challenging can be clarified and completed. So, take the next step. Act. Respond where you are invited to speak the word, take action, mobilize and venture into the extraordinary. It’s all about Winning. 

At The Winning Network, we believe that people Win when they continue to keep going.

Journey Together

One of my favorite proverbs is an African Proverb that says: 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with other people.” 

If you’re experiencing a challenge in your journey, be that professionally, financially, in a relationship, physical health, or another area of your life important to you and you want to take next steps in, that’s why we are here. 

Our desire is to partner with you and see to it that you have all of the connections, resources, coaching, advisement, best practices, strategies and skills you need to continue the journey you’re on. We want to see you go far. If you’re looking for people to adventure with on your Winning Journey, The Winning Network is here ready, willing, and able to walk with you.

Have thoughts on the Winning Journey? Looking for a connection that can take you from “good” in your journey to Even Better? I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at [email protected] to get a conversation started. I’d love to introduce you to members of our team and set up a 1 on 1 call with our CEO Kinsley Jordan so you can hear more about what it means to truly Win. Here’s to the Journey! 

Created by Your Winning Coach, Ryan Warren


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