At The Winning Network, we choose to believe that the breakthrough you’re looking for is not only possible, it’s also available and accessible within the right relationship.

Our personal coaches are ready, willing and able to walk with you through this stage in your journey. We provide action steps, insights, and the unique to you approach that will empower you along the adventure of your Winning Journey.

All The Tools You Need to Succeed Are Already Inside...

...You Just Need to Use Them.

With The Discovery Package  we help you discover those tools. We know that once you understand why you think, respond and act the way you do, you will have a stronger grasp of managing relationships and navigating your life successfully. With direct feedback and personalized support, this is a great first step in your self discovery.

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The Discovery Package 

Here at The Winning Network™️ we believe that a deeper understanding of yourself plays a vital role in your journey to success and to achieving that feeling of fulfillment. That's why we know this is a great first step to uncovering your inner self in order to pave a stronger path forward. In our Discovery Package you will receive:

  • The Winning Network™️ Personal Assessment
  • The Official Enneagram Personality Assessment
  • An in-depth 1:1 30 min. assessment review with our Executive Relationship Coach
  • Personal insights and coaching on how you can find more success by working with your own unique personality traits and strengths and learn vital tactics and implementation strategies on how to leverage them for better results.
Price $97

Win. The VIP Way.

The VIP Coaching Package is for the go getters, the action takers, and the Earth shakers. We are not here to mess around and neither are you. In the VIP Personal Coaching Package you get...

  • A custom individualized development plan (Reviewed and Approved by our Executive Coaching Team)
  • A personally assigned Coach, hand selected on compatibility from your in-depth Assessments and Consultation results, ensuring you will Win.
  • Bi-monthly 1 Hr, 1-on-1 calls with your Personal Coach
  • Hands on Bi-Monthly workshops led by our Executive Coaches and Industry experts
  • Access to Exclusive Bi-Monthly Mastermind Coaching Sessions 

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Winning is not a Destination. It's a Journey.

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Your Executive Business Coaching Package

Executives deserve custom and personalized focus and The Winning Network™️ is here to provide YOU that!  In this package, you will...

  1. Take an-in depth look of where you are starting from with our TWN Personal Assessment and Official Enneagram Test.
  2. Our Executive Team will match you with our hand selected expert Winning Executive Coaches that are perfectly suited for your exact needs.
  3. From there you will receive a customized personal development plan and business development plan each to focus on the incremental growth you so desire.

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In order to assist you in making our Coaching Relationships Authentic and Life Changing, The Winning Network™️ has a number of initiatives and support systems in place:

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