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50's and Over, Why Clubhouse Needs You!

clubhouse blog Apr 01, 2021

Over 50? Why Clubhouse Needs The Generation of Experience Active and Talking!

Prepared by Ryan Warren, CRO of The Winning Network @ryanwarren

“I remember a time when…”

In the Clubhouse Hall of Fame of Great Moments, there is one game-changing networking athlete that stands up and stands out. That athlete's name? The Story. Sharing a great story - great meaning one that’s truly telling us about YOU and your experience, can open up the avenues of exploring new relationships like nothing else can. Who has great stories? Our over 50 years of age friends. We need these people talking. Why? Because inside their experiences are a wealth of wisdom, understanding, successes, failures, and a memorable (mostly appropriate)  joke or two. 

How the over 50 crowd can add value immediately!

  • Experience often equates to credibility.

The many years of experience at one job, all the time you spent in boardrooms, PTA meetings, the conversations at your local hardware store - you thought all of that was done being used?! Not so, Clubhouse is the very place for you to bring the advice and anecdotes in 30-60 seconds bursts within the Clubhouse rooms. Bring your genuine self and you’ll be amazed at how people identify and resonate with your stories and shareables.

  • They listen well.

You’ve got a skill that is highly regarded on Clubhouse. The (seemingly supernatural ability) to listen to someone with the intent to understand and not formulate your own response while the other person is talking. It’ll take time for Clubhouse to become the common ground of appreciation it’s destined to be, and your skillset of being focused to see results is just as important as the new ideas being pitched, the creative problem solving the 16 (yes, 16-year-old entrepreneurs are on Clubhouse) to 49-year-old crowd is generating. “Lend me your ear” is the request of so many young, up-and-coming business and cultural leaders you can find on Clubhouse. 

  • They can keep us on track when we go off course in an unhealthy way. 

This might be the most important aspect of why I long to see a larger demographic of 50+ on Clubhouse. Take the experience, the credibility, the listening skill - add it all up and what you have is a person who stands ready, willing, and able to provide a spectacular amount of counsel for someone who could be headed for an eventual collapse or blindsided by a situation that you can totally give them a heads up on. And who knows, you might just hear an idea or solution you want to put your money down on and show up as an investor. Yes, venture capitalism is present in Clubhouse. You don’t have to announce yourself as such if you don’t want to, but you could totally see a few set up a lemonade stand in a myriad of Clubhouses and say to yourself, “Hey, these kids have the right idea!”

What are the objectives here?

  1. Find your own personal fit within the diverse community of Clubhouse.
  2. Form your own unique profile bio that tells others who you are, what you’re all about, and why you are on Clubhouse.
  3. Figure out the conversations you want to be a part of. Be that within shared interest spaces, journey into topics outside your norm, or add value as a Moderator or Panelist answering questions that the curious and courageous step up to the plate and pitch across the airwaves!

What’s Needed?

  1. The willingness to be a beginner.
  2. The acceptance that there is someone ready to teach you what you do not know.

Next Steps:

Here are 3 potential next steps to take on Clubhouse!

  1. Read through profile bios of people on Clubhouse and reach out to someone with shared interests or goals.
  2. Update your own profile to reflect what you are passionate about and what you are looking for during your time on Clubhouse. (This will become more and more clear as you see how other people have set up their profile bios!)
  3. Make sure your Twitter and Instagram profiles are linked within Clubhouse if you have them. This is the designed way for you to easily take the conversation off of Clubhouse and go further into getting to know someone.

Remember, in the Clubhouse voyage, you can be the experienced navigator someone is looking for. Also, if you’re at a stage where you’d like some new waters to enter yourself, Clubhouse is the perfect adventure for just that!

If you’d like more information on any of the information above, or you’d like to set up a virtual coffee with me, send me an email at [email protected] - I’d like to hear about how you are entering Clubhouse and how The Winning Network can be your friend within this new community you're entering into. 

Here’s to Winning... in every stage of life. -Ryan


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