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Improve your Clubhouse Experience with this One Brave Action

clubhouse blog Apr 22, 2021

Improve Your Clubhouse Experience with this One Brave Action

Written by Ryan Warren | Instagram: @ryanwarren

The Question

I did some research over the past week. Nothing too elaborate. Effective? Very much so. I asked nearly 50 people I’ve met on Clubhouse one very simple and direct question. 
“Has anyone in your life that you know outside of Clubhouse read your bio on your Clubhouse profile?”
All but 2 of them said no - no one in their life outside of Clubhouse knew the information or bio they were sharing. And, when some of them (the brave ones) went and shared their bios with family and close friends, what they discovered was that they were sharing things on their bios that people in their life away from Clubhouse were surprised to read.
Before I get into the goal and plan of the process, here are a few results over the past 2 weeks people I asked have chosen to make:
> They have made changes in their bios to show up as the same person both on and off the Clubhouse platform.
> They have made changes in their schedules as to how often and when they are on the Clubhouse platform.
> They have made adjustments as to the length of time they are on the app.
> They have developed a more strategic approach as to how they are using their time investment on the app.
These are quite powerful. Personally accountable responses to just one question. 
I’m curious if there is there a great question to ask other than the initial one I chose to ask for personal research?
Is it possible that one of the clearest paths towards showing up in a more authentic and verifiable way would be allowing those we have lived life with for years to be trusted overseers as we meet new people on Clubhouse?

The Goal
The goal is simple. Be who we say we are in Clubhouse. As profiles abound on the app, it’s quite possible for us to take everything at face value, make assumptions based on what we don’t know, and may or may not know how to go about verifying what people are telling us.
That’s not up to us. What someone puts on their bio isn’t for us to go around policing - that doesn’t sound fun to me at all.
What we CAN do is take authentic ownership of our own bios and what we are letting the Clubhouse community - the world really - know about us upfront.
The goal of greater and more accurate authenticity within any platform is important. I mean, in the past 2 years we have major social media outlets appear before Congress, see countless lawsuits, and misinformations acts were and to some extent are a major theme in the world news today.
This is a big deal and one of the ways we get to greater health is to each personally choose to display correct and accurate information on what we choose to share about ourselves as (drumroll please…) potential points of connection.
We want those to be accurate and helpful - setting us up for greater connection when we meet someone.

The Plan
The Plan is simple as well, should we choose to participate. Allow people close to us in our life outside of Clubhouse to read our bio as it is right now and give us feedback. 
“Does this really sound like the person you know me to be?"
“Are the things I’m listing important for someone to get to know me?”
“If you met me for the first time on this app, would you feel like you had a great chance to get to know me for who I really am?”
You can get as creative and direct as you’d like to be with your questions. The plan is a direct approach, ask people who know you well if they see a consistent and clear representation as to who you are choosing to show yourself to be on the Clubhouse app.

The Results
The Results are simple. We will choose to do it or choose not to. And, either way, we deserve to know why we chose to do this or not. Is there something on our bio we wouldn’t want people who know us outside of Clubhouse to call us out on? Is there something written in a way that is misleading?
We’re not looking for a spotlight, what we’re looking for is for some additional accountability and accuracy in a platform that, if it is going to be sustainable long term, will benefit greatly from.
That’s one of the macro results. On a personal level, doing so will actually allow us to connect in a much more genuine way with people. The people who have known us for years giving feedback so that we can show up as that person when we are meeting people for the first time? That’s a powerful opportunity that I would like to see everyone take, but it’s more likely that only those with a certain level of bravery and intention will do so.
Another idea would be copying our Clubhouse bio and sending it to someone who we know and they know us well and say, “Hey look at this Clubhouse bio, who does this sound like to you?”
Mix in 2-3 of other people as you do it. That’ll stabilize the action so that the person won’t just assume that it’s yours right away.

A Parting Thought
It could be that you have read this and are already considering some adjustments you want to make to your Clubhouse bio. I’m proud of you. Taking ownership so that you can connect in a more real and authentic way is what it’s all about.
If you do run into a temporary challenge, or would like additional ideas on how to show up not just in Clubhouse but other environments as well in a more YOU-type way, feel free to email me, [email protected] and we can set up a time for some virtual coffee. I’d like to hear your experience in asking people who care about you to read over your Clubhouse bio as they provide feedback.

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