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Stages of Winning

Prepared by Ryan Warren, Chief Relationship Officer

Which Stage of Winning Are We In: Ahead, Behind, or Tied?

Name any business. Any team. Any partnership. At any given moment someone within those communities will be up and progressing, and someone else will be down and challenged. How do you measure teams when they have both situations? Are teams celebrating successes when they happen? Are they also sticking by (and not sticking it to ) the person on their team that may have gotten into a slump?

At The Winning Network, we are attracted to every scoreline. What do we mean by that? It’s our ever-increasing mentality that whether someone is ahead and winning, feels like they are behind and playing catch up, or everything is on the line and the “score” is tied in their life - we want to see to it that you win.

We are not intimidated by any odds. We simply and stubbornly choose to believe that a way will open. A relationship will emerge. A resource will enter. We see that you can win in good times and bad, year after year, and day by day.

Once you’ve personally agreed to having a determination to win, taking responsibility for your own choices and decisions, you can move into a powerful place and consider your team.

What Jersey Do You Have On?

“There are no secrets to success: Don’t waste time looking for them. Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty to those for whom you work, and persistence.” - Colin Powell (U.S. Army General and Former U.S. Secretary of State)

We begin from the strongest place of power that we’ve discovered by years of experience. The Team. Regardless of which stage of Winning you identify yourself to be in currently, keeping the team first is, in our experience, the most important thing to give your attention, energy, and resources.

Think about it, the smaller the team, the more impactful and important morale is. Have a team of 2 people? What does it look like if one of them is unhappy? Leading a Fortune 500 with thousands of employees spread across the globe with numerous departments and service lines? It’ll take longer for one disgruntled teammate to extend their reach. The smaller the team, the more critical that time window is to address challenges and respond in a healthy manner.

At The Winning Network, we share a perspective by asking the simple question when a challenging stage arises, “Which team are you playing for? Is it ours? Because if it’s ours, we need to agree on what the goal is. We have to agree on the direction and while we won’t always think the exact same way, we must choose to think together.”

One of the key stages of winning is fully buying into a team-first mentality. This communicates and ensures to your team, regardless of the number, that wherever you’re going - you’re going together.


Here is a short check-list as you navigate the Stages of Winning:

  1. Take some time to evaluate and gain a deeper understanding as to your current stage and where you’re wanting to go next, and where your ultimate “North Star” goal is for you and your team.
  2. Ask if you’re communicating a team-first mentality
  3. Design an action plan that is learning and progression focused


You can win. 

Your team can win. 

Having an intentional strategy will empower you to continue your Winning Journey at each Stage.

What’s your next step? What decisions are on the table being considered by your team? These are unique to not only you, but also specific to the stage you’re in. 

We’d love to hear from you personally. Whether that’s to be a listening ear, a supportive resource, or an experienced recommendation. 

The Winning Network was founded with you in mind. When you experience a stage and you’re unsure what is possible, how you should proceed, or who can assist you, we want to see to it that you win.

Any life worth living is a life worth Winning!

Prepared by Ryan Warren, Chief Relationship Officer


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