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Stages of Winning

Prepared by Ryan Warren, Chief Relationship Officer

Which Stage of Winning Are We In: Ahead, Behind, or Tied?

Name any business. Any team. Any partnership. At any given moment someone within those communities will be up and progressing, and someone else will be down and challenged. How do you measure teams when they have both situations? Are teams celebrating successes when they happen? Are they also sticking by (and not sticking it to ) the person on their team that may have gotten into a slump?

At The Winning Network, we are attracted to every scoreline. What do we mean by that? It’s our ever-increasing mentality that whether someone is ahead and winning, feels like they are behind and playing catch up, or everything is on the line and the “score” is tied in their life - we want to see to it that you win.

We are not intimidated by any odds. We simply and stubbornly choose to believe that a way will open. A relationship will emerge. A resource will enter. We see...

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