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#1 Question To Ask About Your Clubhouse Experience

In your Clubhouse journey, this one step could make all the difference!

Prepared by Ryan Warren @ryanwarren

Are you getting what you want out of your Clubhouse experience?

With nearly 10 million people showing up on the exciting new app adventure, the conversations on Clubhouse and opportunities are seemingly endless. But how can a person make sure they are getting the most out of their time investment? The Winning Network has you covered. Here’s the #1 Question to ask yourself and a few practical steps to get you started in a direction that matches your goals.

What are you doing IMMEDIATELY after you close the app?

If your first step after the time you spend on Clubhouse is to rub your face in exhaustion after being on for 5 hours, chances are you have invested your time in a way that distanced you from taking appropriate action towards your goals. This IS the question to be asking, “What is my NEXT step?” So take note if you’ve been on the app for weeks or...

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