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Speaking Up and Silence in Clubhouse


Speaking Up and Silence in Clubhouse

Written by Ryan Warren Instagram @ryanwarren
When do we speak up? When do we remain quiet?
The Clubhouse related questions I get are usually along with these questions: "When do I unmute and speak up, and when do I stay muted and someone else does the talking?"
It’s a good question. It’s an honest question. And, it’s one I’m willing to answer in an effort to provide some clarity and possibility when you are asking the same questions.
Here it goes, and before I begin, some ground rules are in order.
1. This is not meant to be exhaustive or complete in terms of speaking and choosing not to. There’s no way that I can cover all of the ins and outs of speak/silence dynamics within one blog. You are welcome to reach out if you have a specific idea or scenario.
2. This is a comprehensive and Clubhouse related field. I...
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How do I leave a Clubhouse room in a healthy way?

How do I leave a room in a healthy way?

Prepared by Ryan Warren @ryanwarren

Imagine talking with someone face to face. They are mid-sentence sharing something important and meaningful to them, and you get up and walk out not saying anything.

You left the room quietly.

This is one of a number of Clubhouse appropriate actions that would be undeniably impactful in an in-person exchange.

So what do we do? What do we do when someone is mid-topic and we need to jet? Clubhouse has an answer for us, surely, and boy oh boy do they.

Leave Quietly.

That button is available for you to click with a touch of the finger and “Voila!” you’re gone.

But what if you’re wanting to leave a conversation with a little more intention, thankfulness, gratitude, and extend to them a deeper sense of who you are? What are the options?

I ask because the idea of walking out of a room without saying anything in real life gives me a feeling that only a double scoop of ice cream in a waffle...

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#1 Question To Ask About Your Clubhouse Experience

In your Clubhouse journey, this one step could make all the difference!

Prepared by Ryan Warren @ryanwarren

Are you getting what you want out of your Clubhouse experience?

With nearly 10 million people showing up on the exciting new app adventure, the conversations on Clubhouse and opportunities are seemingly endless. But how can a person make sure they are getting the most out of their time investment? The Winning Network has you covered. Here’s the #1 Question to ask yourself and a few practical steps to get you started in a direction that matches your goals.

What are you doing IMMEDIATELY after you close the app?

If your first step after the time you spend on Clubhouse is to rub your face in exhaustion after being on for 5 hours, chances are you have invested your time in a way that distanced you from taking appropriate action towards your goals. This IS the question to be asking, “What is my NEXT step?” So take note if you’ve been on the app for weeks or...

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