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Where Do I Even Start?

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Speaking Up and Silence in Clubhouse


Speaking Up and Silence in Clubhouse

Written by Ryan Warren Instagram @ryanwarren
When do we speak up? When do we remain quiet?
The Clubhouse related questions I get are usually along with these questions: "When do I unmute and speak up, and when do I stay muted and someone else does the talking?"
It’s a good question. It’s an honest question. And, it’s one I’m willing to answer in an effort to provide some clarity and possibility when you are asking the same questions.
Here it goes, and before I begin, some ground rules are in order.
1. This is not meant to be exhaustive or complete in terms of speaking and choosing not to. There’s no way that I can cover all of the ins and outs of speak/silence dynamics within one blog. You are welcome to reach out if you have a specific idea or scenario.
2. This is a comprehensive and Clubhouse related field. I...
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Leadership in Action: Outlook

leadership blog Apr 27, 2021

Leadership in Action: Outlook

Written by Ryan Warren | Instagram: @ryanwarren
Greater Than A Cliche
“The best is yet to come!”
It’s not just a line I say often, I choose to truly believe that. It really is. The best is coming. The solution to the temporary challenge, the resources, the newfound friend, the opportunity - the best is yet to come.
It’s greater than cliche. It’s foundational for progressive and authentic leadership.
No, I don’t avoid problems, and I certainly don’t pretend that uncomfortable things aren’t happening.
It’s a choice, really. It’s a choice that you, as a leader, can make as well. You can choose to attach yourself to the long-standing, long-lasting, proven declaration that the best is truly yet to come.
It’s not a cliche for us as leaders to only use here and there. It’s a determined commitment, a partnership, a resolution that...
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Improve your Clubhouse Experience with this One Brave Action

clubhouse blog Apr 22, 2021

Improve Your Clubhouse Experience with this One Brave Action

Written by Ryan Warren | Instagram: @ryanwarren

The Question

I did some research over the past week. Nothing too elaborate. Effective? Very much so. I asked nearly 50 people I’ve met on Clubhouse one very simple and direct question. 
“Has anyone in your life that you know outside of Clubhouse read your bio on your Clubhouse profile?”
All but 2 of them said no - no one in their life outside of Clubhouse knew the information or bio they were sharing. And, when some of them (the brave ones) went and shared their bios with family and close friends, what they discovered was that they were sharing things on their bios that people in their life away from Clubhouse were surprised to read.
Before I get into the goal and plan of the process, here are a few results over the past 2 weeks people I asked have chosen to make:
> They have made changes in their bios to...
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Leadership in Action: Expectations

leadership blog Apr 19, 2021

Leadership in Action: Expectations

Prepared by Ryan Warren
Instagram: @ryanwarren
Building Fences, Uniting Neighbors
The neighbor that lives behind us is getting quotes for the long stretch of fence that separates his property from ours.
He poked his head over the fence the other morning a la Wilson from Home Improvement and I did my best Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor impression. That’s when he told me he was getting the new fence planned out.
Ever built a fence? Ever paid for one? Ever done both? Fences are costly. Whether you choose to do one or the other or both.
Being a healthy leader means that you keep things like value as well as the associated expectations in clear view.
Here are a few ways I’ve experienced leaders modeling having healthy expectations of themselves and those they are responsible for. (All brought to you by my neighbor friend who recently retired and has an affection for property improvements.)
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What My 8th Grade Teacher Taught Me About Clubhouse 2 Decades Ago

clubhouse blog Apr 15, 2021

What My 8th Grade Teacher Taught Me About Clubhouse 2 Decades Ago

Written by Ryan Warren
Instagram @ryanwarren

Middle School, Shakespeare, and … Clubhouse?

8th grade. English class. Never mind the fact that I had a crush on 3 different girls in the same class. (Imagine that pinball-like emotional roller coaster navigating those interactions while also having “Should I start shaving my face?” in the back of your mind.)
To add to the everyday 45-minute sitcom that was that class period, we were about to read Shakespeare. Out loud. We had parts to play and Mrs. Hayworth’s classroom was the stage.
Looking back, I learned several lessons from that experience that I find relevant to my Clubhouse experience. Take a look for yourself and see if you can also find yourself using these skills. (And no, we won’t talk about the ups and downs of middle school crushes… the entire time.)

Be Yourself

This is the biggest and...
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Leadership in Action: Optimism & Opportunity

leadership blog Apr 12, 2021

Leadership in Action: Optimism & Opportunity

Written by Ryan Warren

Instagram: @ryanwarren
Winston Churchill said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."
What could the environment look like for leaders if every single one of their difficulties were met head-on with healthy optimism?
“Ryan, that’s so utopian! Sure it’s ideal, but it’s not reality!”
Not with that attitude it’s not. Really, it’s ok, I’ve heard far worse rejections to the reality that optimism with opportunity makes a mighty difference.
So how can leaders grow in areas of optimism and opportunity?

Leaders Can Pay Attention To Challenges

Healthy views on optimism and opportunity do not at all require us to pretend that challenges and temporary problems do not exist. THAT is what sounds unreasonable. Denying that a problem exists always seems to come up short...
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How do I leave a Clubhouse room in a healthy way?

How do I leave a room in a healthy way?

Prepared by Ryan Warren @ryanwarren

Imagine talking with someone face to face. They are mid-sentence sharing something important and meaningful to them, and you get up and walk out not saying anything.

You left the room quietly.

This is one of a number of Clubhouse appropriate actions that would be undeniably impactful in an in-person exchange.

So what do we do? What do we do when someone is mid-topic and we need to jet? Clubhouse has an answer for us, surely, and boy oh boy do they.

Leave Quietly.

That button is available for you to click with a touch of the finger and “Voila!” you’re gone.

But what if you’re wanting to leave a conversation with a little more intention, thankfulness, gratitude, and extend to them a deeper sense of who you are? What are the options?

I ask because the idea of walking out of a room without saying anything in real life gives me a feeling that only a double scoop of ice cream in a waffle...

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Leadership in Action: Responsibility

leadership blog Apr 05, 2021


Leadership in Action: Responsibility

Prepared by Ryan Warren @ryanwarren

When I’m talking with a leader, one thing that is always communicated be that directly or indirectly, is the rules they adhere to. We all have them. One of my mentors even took it so far as to write a book titled The Three Rules by Michael Raynor. Worth mentioning that for him, the third rule is that “there are not other rules.”

I’d like to propose that the “rules” we each adhere to as leaders communicate our value for personal responsibility.

Responsibility Rule: 95% = 0%

Ever heard of the 95%=0% Rule when it comes to accountability and responsibility? It’s simple and quite powerful.

If a leader only accepts 95% responsibility in a situation under their area of influence, they really are accepting 0% of it. There are not partial claims, no halfway ownership when it comes to healthy leadership.

Leaders who have an ownership mentality show up and do so with the...

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50's and Over, Why Clubhouse Needs You!

clubhouse blog Apr 01, 2021

Over 50? Why Clubhouse Needs The Generation of Experience Active and Talking!

Prepared by Ryan Warren, CRO of The Winning Network @ryanwarren

“I remember a time when…”

In the Clubhouse Hall of Fame of Great Moments, there is one game-changing networking athlete that stands up and stands out. That athlete's name? The Story. Sharing a great story - great meaning one that’s truly telling us about YOU and your experience, can open up the avenues of exploring new relationships like nothing else can. Who has great stories? Our over 50 years of age friends. We need these people talking. Why? Because inside their experiences are a wealth of wisdom, understanding, successes, failures, and a memorable (mostly appropriate)  joke or two. 

How the over 50 crowd can add value immediately!

  • Experience often equates to credibility.

The many years of experience at one job, all the time you spent in boardrooms, PTA meetings, the conversations at your local...

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