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Leadership in Action: Together

leadership blog Mar 29, 2021

Leadership in Action: Together

Prepared by Ryan Warren @ryanwarren


Eight letters that, together, create one powerful word.

People meet together. They talk together. They travel together. They work to solve problems together. They live together. People are endlessly invited into the experience of togetherness.

Over 7,500,000,000 people on the planet and you are in relationships with a select number of them. And yet, as human beings across the globe, we are all in a very real sense, together.

Why Togetherness Matters for Leaders

As leaders, we truly are better - together. Perhaps, as time goes on, genuinely making heart-to-heart connections with others is only increasing in difficulty. Even with the broad range of electronic tools, apps, and screen-related avenues to “talk” with people, connecting can elude us.

This is a reality, but it’s not one we as leaders should accept as a mandate to be fearful of innovational challenges and lessen the value of...

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How and Why You Should Join Clubhouse

clubhouse blog Mar 25, 2021

Prepared by Ryan Warren

IG: @ryanwarren, @winningnetworkryan

Email: [email protected]

First things first, why should I join a club on Clubhouse?

There’s an African Proverb that I visit often, probably better to say I keep it in my satchel and take it with me wherever I go. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” Therein lies the value of joining a club on Clubhouse. If you’re going to go far in the Clubhouse experience AND make meaningful connections with other people wanting to do the same thing, joining a club is non-negotiable. Again, that’s IF you want to make the most of the time investment you’re putting into it.

The Function and Purpose of Clubs in Clubhouse

Think of it as your favorite restaurant where you go to meet with people who cheer for the same sports teams you root for. In a Clubhouse club, you’re going to find people who speak the same language you do. Now, here comes the real...

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Leadership in Action: Call to Action

leadership blog Mar 23, 2021

Leadership in Action: Call to Action

Prepared by Ryan Warren

It’s tangible. For leaders, that new opportunity, new venture, the new solution might as well be things we can taste and feel. Breakthrough so close you can smell it. It’s as though an invitation to explore new territory hits your inbox and you know, deep down, that it’s “go time.”

You put on your executive pioneering outfit complete with your explorer attitude, and so the adventure begins. As this mindset continues to develop and spread and strengthen your leadership, there are questions that await your response:

"Is exploring new territory, new relationships, new markets a solo act? Or, is claiming that new uncharted space a process that is better done together?"

If you are familiar with the Canadian entertainment company Cirque du Soleil (translated French: Circus of the Sun), then you are aware of their brilliant ability to take what is dreamed and conceptualize it on stage. Their...

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#1 Question To Ask About Your Clubhouse Experience

In your Clubhouse journey, this one step could make all the difference!

Prepared by Ryan Warren @ryanwarren

Are you getting what you want out of your Clubhouse experience?

With nearly 10 million people showing up on the exciting new app adventure, the conversations on Clubhouse and opportunities are seemingly endless. But how can a person make sure they are getting the most out of their time investment? The Winning Network has you covered. Here’s the #1 Question to ask yourself and a few practical steps to get you started in a direction that matches your goals.

What are you doing IMMEDIATELY after you close the app?

If your first step after the time you spend on Clubhouse is to rub your face in exhaustion after being on for 5 hours, chances are you have invested your time in a way that distanced you from taking appropriate action towards your goals. This IS the question to be asking, “What is my NEXT step?” So take note if you’ve been on the app for weeks or...

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Stages of Winning

Prepared by Ryan Warren, Chief Relationship Officer

Which Stage of Winning Are We In: Ahead, Behind, or Tied?

Name any business. Any team. Any partnership. At any given moment someone within those communities will be up and progressing, and someone else will be down and challenged. How do you measure teams when they have both situations? Are teams celebrating successes when they happen? Are they also sticking by (and not sticking it to ) the person on their team that may have gotten into a slump?

At The Winning Network, we are attracted to every scoreline. What do we mean by that? It’s our ever-increasing mentality that whether someone is ahead and winning, feels like they are behind and playing catch up, or everything is on the line and the “score” is tied in their life - we want to see to it that you win.

We are not intimidated by any odds. We simply and stubbornly choose to believe that a way will open. A relationship will emerge. A resource will enter. We see...

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Winning is a Journey

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2021

Are You Waiting for an Invitation?

There’s a popular phrase that says, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” Winning operates within the same framework. Can the journey of Winning be looked at the same way?

Championships are not handed out to the best teams on paper. The games must be played.

Contracts are not automatically handed over to the companies with the biggest portfolio. The value propositions must be considered.

Oscars are not awarded based solely on if you’ve won one before, or even been nominated. The scripts must be written, the shots must be filmed, the hours put in, the film edited… the movie watched, reviewed and reviewed again.

Every journey has a beginning and those beginnings initiate with an invitation - a pull to take the first step and then continue that journey when times are great with celebration coming easily and the stages where challenges arise and you make the choice to continue and press on.

This is the...

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